Grim's Point Coffee Roasting

We have a vigorous, yet thoughtful process for choosing our coffees. It’s a very complex product and has many variables. We aim for freshness, and of course, a delicious cup. We buy what’s in season and always keep the hardworking farmers/producers in mind. Without them, we wouldn’t have coffee.

Nicole is a Licensed Q Grader and has been working in specialty coffee for over 15 years. Her experience spans from roasting, barista and cafe operations to quality control, importing green coffee and building relationships with those suppliers and producers.

She met Dominic while living in San Diego. They recently moved back to her home, the beautiful state of Montana, to pursue their dream. Dominic is an avid beer brewer who loves the outdoors. They plan to incorporate his delicious, craft brews in the future, so stay tuned!

And of course, there’s Grimlock. Their beloved, goofy, wirehaired pointer in which the Grim’s Point branding is based on. Who owns who, now?