Basics For Brewing Delicious Coffee at Home

Recommended Tools:

  • Burr Grinder
  • Timer
  • Scale
  • Gooseneck Kettle (for pour over style brewing)


  • Water to Coffee Ratio - 16:1 is a good starting point but always adjust to your taste
  • Use filtered water just under boiling, (200-206 degrees F). Always boil more than you need so you have extra to preheat your carafe or mug.
  • Fresh is best. Brew within 15 minutes of grinding.  
  • Always start with a level bed of grounds.
  • Start pouring water in the center and spiral out, evenly saturating the grounds. The stream of water should fall straight down, not at an angle.
  • Don’t rush the bloom! Allowing the coffee to degas will enable the water to yield the full potential of the coffee. Wait until there’s no movement from the bed of grounds. Typically the fresher the roast, the more activity you’ll see. Enjoy those aromas at this point.
  • After the bloom stage, try not to allow the grounds to be exposed to air until the end of the brew
  • If you feel the brew was too fast, make your grind slightly finer. If your brew was too slow, make your grind slightly courser.

 Guides by Brew Method:

Phoenix70 and C70

Dose: 24 Grams

Grind: med-fine

Brew Time: 4-5 min (adjust to taste)

If using the C70, preheat the brewer while preheating your carafe. Pour about 50 grams and allow to bloom 30 seconds - 1 minute. Pour 50 grams of water every 30 seconds until you hit about 385 grams.


Dose: 40 Grams

*based on a 6 cup Chemex

Grind: med-course

Brew Time: 4-5 min (adjust to taste)

Rinse filter. Pour about 80 grams and allow to bloom for 30 seconds - 1 minute. Add water in stages of 70-100 grams at a time, until you reach about 650 grams.


Dose: 30 Grams

*based on a 185

Grind: med-course

Brew Time: 3:30-4 minutes

Rinse filter. Pour about 60 grams of water and allow to bloom. Next, pour 200 grams, saturating the bed evenly. Then pour 60 grams approximately every 15 seconds until you reach about 500 grams.


French Press

Dose: 54-56 Grams

*based on an 8 cup French Press

Grind: Course

Brew Time: 4 minutes

Pour about 110 grams of water, saturating the grounds evenly and allow to bloom for 30 seconds-1 minute. Give grounds a stir and fill to the top with water, (about 865-1000 grams in total). Cover with press & let sit for 4 minutes, press down and enjoy.